10 each StationBox ALU CC IP65 Enclosure


StationBox ALU CC IP65 Enclosure

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StationBox® ALU CARRIER CLASS is outdoor aluminium enclosure for wireless platforms and access points with extended number of ports. It directly supports installation of MikroTik RouterBoards RB435, RB433, RB411, RB711, RB911 and RB912, as well Alix2, Alix3, Alix6 and other wireless platforms of choice.

StationBox® ALU CARRIER CLASS offers 10xN positions and 3 preinstalled cable glands /typically used for Ethernet cable/. 9 out of 10 N-holes are blinded with silicone rubber plugs.

Enclosure is designed to be used with standard N-female bulkheads with rubber o-ring.

Pigtails and outdoor grounded ethernet connectors are not included in package and shall be ordered separately.StationBox ALU EnclosureRF-Elements-SBX-ALU-6N1E.02 RF-Elements-SBX-ALU-6N1E.01 StationBox ALU Enclosure StationBox ALU Enclosure

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 26 in